Saturday, February 16, 2008


OK so what is the deal?

If I told you how many years I've been married you might be able to figure out that I'm lying about my age when I say I'm 30. Fact is my 31 year old daughter says the math doesn't work for her at all any more.

Suffice it to say I've been married rather a long time. Now you would think that somewhere along the line the husband would have figured out some truths about me.

I don't like ice cream. I didn't like it yesterday and I'm not going to like it tomorrow.

I really can't eat sugar. It makes me sick. I get nasty migraines that require overdoses of Excedrine which causes other problems.

If I say I want one popper or one biscuit then I want ONE popper or ONE biscuit.

I like flowers. I like flowers attached to plants best but I also like cut flowers even though it seems a shame to watch them die.

I have a skewed sense of time. I can have your birthday present bought and wrapped but when the day rolls around I may not make a connection between the date and the significance of the date.

Care to guess what I received for Valentines Day? *pops more Excedrine*


Trée said...

I'm guessing it wasn't flowers. :-(

I know what you mean. I've been reminding my wife that I am not a morning person for fourteen years. I did it yesterday. Will probably do it again tomorrow. It is almost as if she has groundhog amnesia. :-D

jennifer said...

Here's pathetic for you. Hubby and I got into a fight over the phone on V'day. We rarely fight and we do it on Valentine's? So I spend my Love day stewing, resenting this commercially driven, ridiculously gesture centered holiday. Hating the impotence it causes in some men who choose not read the female mind (cause they SO could if they just wanted to), feeling basically the hopelessness of a hopeless romantic. Sheesh. I hate this holiday every year. Then hubby walks through the door with my gift - a Pandora silver bracelet that I can add charms to for years to come. "And then there was music, and wonderful love songs"...
All was well. No V'day Lovin' later in the night though, but hey, that is good too! Jewelry with no "tat". May have been The Best V'day Ever! LOL Jennifer

Wamblings said...

Tree, Guess it goes back to that opposites attract thing. Heck that must be how I endd *gahhhhhh "e" is sticking and messs up nearly every word I try to type.* ended up with a man. Now though I don't want opposite any more. I'm tired of the complete lack of any meaningful communication.

Wamblings said...

Jen, *hugs* Yay, jewelry with no "tat". That's my kind of Valentines.

DaForeigner said...

Since we are all sharing our V-day stories...let me share one of my train wrecks. Thought I was doing things right...guess that's why the saying "nice guys finish last" has outlasted the test of time...

A few V-day's ago, I get this hotel room all setup. Candles-check, cooked dinner to bring into the room-check, small candles to line the edge of the jet tub-check, rose pedals on the bed-check, Hell I figured I was in for a good night of lovin' after setting all that up. Boy was I wrong. Moving through dinner and into the good things ahead, she goes to the bathroom and changes into something more "comfortable." Stunning, loved the outfit...beginning to start our thing and I notice she is just plain and simple not in the mood. If anything were to take the wind out of my sails it was what she told me right after...

Now mind you I didn't recieve anything for V-day...I understand it's a "female" holiday but not even a card. Come to find out she had sent some other jackass some shit for v-day and she felt bad about doing it, so that's why she wasn't in the mood.

I'll leave it at can imagine how the rest of my night went!


Wamblings said...

Robert, OUCH! *hugs*