Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bad Hair Day

The last week I've had all kinds of problems typing. Well, not all kinds. Mostly just one kind. My "e" didn't want to type. Now have you ever counted how many "e"s you type in a sentence? Sheesh, the little buggers are everywhere!

This morning I decided to vacuum my keyboard. Now I've done that before with the result that my laptop is missing its F9 key. No great loss. I have never used an F9 and am not really sure why they even put them on the keyboard. Seems like they could trade in most of that row for smilies or something really fun like a key that would tell you what everyone within a 100 ft. radius was thinking or show you the latest movie download or maybe turn the monitor into a giant camera. I don't know, seems the geeks could come up with something useful for that useless row of keys.

Anyway, at least when the vacuum cleaner was swallowing keys, it didn't decide to chew up "e". So this time I play it smart. I put a brush attachment on the end of the hose cause while I might not be the brightest star in the universe, neither am I a mental black hole. I start running the vacuum brush across the keyboard and these little hair ends start poking up around the keys. I pull and break them off if they won't come up (which most of them won't) then I vacuum some more. Repeat, repeat, repeat. More bits of hair and even fluff come up and so I keep removing it and vacuuming and removing till finally I don't see any more strange stuff coming up.

Guess what! My "e" works. Fact is the whole keyboard works better.

So now you know what to do if your keyboard gets stubborn. Just make sure you use the brush attachment cause there are worse keys to lose than F9.


Marsha said...

There's always those cans of air, or whatever, you can squirt your keyboard with. I just blow on mine, it's cheaper!

Wamblings said...

LOL. I've tried blowing on it. That works for individual flax seeds (sometimes). In this case the keyboard seemed to have a hairball. What is bad is that it really seems to like hair. Today I caught it trying to swallow another on. I snatched it away fast. I kind of worry what it will do if I don't let it eat hair though. What if it develops a taste for something even worse?

jennifer said...

Didn't even get through the whole post before I had to comment. HAH! The F9 bit is just slaying me! Too funny....going back to finish reading. Jen

jennifer said...

Not the brightest star in the universe but not a mental black hole. Lord girl, you are on your game today! Who knew that a post about vacuuming your keyboard could be so entertaining. Jennifer

Wamblings said...

Jen, YAY, I made you laugh twice. *dances* Made someone laugh on MySpace too. Must have really been on top of my game.