Friday, February 1, 2008


I love my computer. Most of my friends live in my computer. I spend hours visiting my friends inside my computer. OK so since it is a laptop, my friends must all be a lot thinner than me but I don't hold that against them.

I like e-mail. I like it a lot. I have e-mail accounts for all my different moods and personalities. Heck, some of my e-mail accounts have their own e-mail accounts. I was trying to count e-mail accounts the other day. You see, I had way too many passwords so even if I could remember my e-mail sign in, remembering my password was pretty iffy. To fix this problem I've been trying to get all my e-mail accounts to accept the idea of a single password.

My different personalities (nah I'm not crazy, it's the folks that can't carry on intelligent conversations with themselves who are crazy) have (as near as I can figure out) at least 5 gmail accounts. Don't tell gmail, cause I think you're only supposed to have one. We have two hot mail accounts but I'm pretty sure one of them doesn't count since I promptly lost any memory of its password. Then there is Yahoo... two work related accounts, two alter ego accounts, two for variations on my real name.

I still have my first ever Yahoo e-mail account. I like to think of it as Spam Central. I go there occasionally just in case anyone actually has sent me something I want to read. I have a few relatives who only have that address since they love to send forwards to the whole world with all the addresses displayed. On my rare visits I spend several hours reading the "subject" and hitting the delete button. No I don't want to add inches to my... I don't even have a ... I don't want a ... If I had a ... I wouldn't want it bigger. I have a husband and he does have a ... but I don't want that bigger either. All these years he was so proud of being well endowed and then I got a bad case of that honesty that seems to attend middle age (who me? OMG!) and informed him that I like girls better. OK so that might not have been the world's smartest move. While we're on the subject though I also don't think we need any Viagra at my house. So there should be somewhere you could inform the spamming world that they are wasting their time and effort sending these messages to your inbox because you are simply going to delete them unread.

Then there is my newest real name e-mail account. I've never sent it to anyone. It has a 360 blog attached to it but the address is unpublished. So, I ask you, how does this unpublished, family friendly email account that no one has, that is attached to a family friendly 360 account get all these offline messages from gals wanting to connect? Sheesh, they even think my name is actually the alter ego name I put on the e-mail account rather than the real life name I used on the 360. Explain that one if you can. And I'm curious. Do they think Webit is a boy or a girl?


Trée said...

Wamblings, you write the most interesting and fascinating posts. Don't need the blue pill either and I do like girls too. :-D

Wamblings said...

tree, hehe I kind of figured we might have that in common.

Trée said...

Your sidebar looks so inviting. On my way with tea. :-)

Wamblings said...

YAY! I need the caffeine. << who knew there was an e in the middle of caffeine? What ever did we do before spell checkers? I'm having so much fun with this. I had hoped to find a way to incorporate a subtle rainbow in the background but *shrugs,* I've been told purple is the "new rainbow", and I really don't want this blog to be about my sexuality. I just want it to be a place where I can have fun recording life's quirks and meeting other interesting people.

jennifer said...

Still here, decided to read it ALL! Answered some lingering questions I've had about comments seen over at Tree's (you know, I am just not smart enough for innuendo). I am different from you two; I like A guy. It would be too sexy for me to say 'guys'. Repressed? hmmmm, control is a better word for it.

So now I want to know, and may have asked before, are you sure you are Wamblings or are you one of your other personalities? Do you ever get confused and write like, say Hazel (?), the other personality? I find this multiple personality thing fascinating.

You'll laugh at me for this (I think. You may feel like it's so pathetic that you cry); I thought about starting another blog because my kids read mine and I don't want to say "sexy" in reference to their Dad and me, or anything that might warp them for life. Wee bit sheltered they are! Actually, I REALLY want grandkids one day and I don't want to say ANYTHING that will turn them off from procreation. Jennifer

Wamblings said...

Jen, Like I said in a comment above, I don't want this blog to be about sexuality, but neither will I shy away from it. I went through life being taught that homosexuals were these horrible people who choose a depraved lifestyle. The truth is they are just people caught in a terrible dilemma and many of them are choosing traditional marriages like I did and trying to make the best of an impossible situation. I think it is time people realized that sexuality is something you are born with and not something you choose. I chose straight but it didn't change the truth of who I am. I have a reasonably good husband who loves me in his own way but I couldn't make it work. This hurts me to admit but I'm miserable. Still I am here, in his home, trying to hang on to some of the "good things" we've been able to wrap ourselves in.

I'm glad that the knowledge of my sexuality doesn't make you want to just run and never talk to me again. I'm always afraid that people, especially those of the Christian persuasion, will throw me away because of ingrained religious bias. I went through so many years of deep homophobia, I think largely because I was trying to deny what was inside myself. I couldn't even say gay. I would say "queers" but no matter how I ran, I was still there. Know what I mean?

I don't know if I really have multiple personality or just well developed sub personalities. My family thinks I'm multiple and a counselor said I'm "co-conscious" which means I "the dominant one" know what the others are up to when they surface. Something crazy like that. Wamblings is a bit of whoever is rumbling around the surface at the time. I do and don't think of myself as multiple. Yes all the parts have their own names and quirks but they are all bits of me, perhaps just a bit more defined than most folk's quirky parts.

Part of my having so many blogs is that I don't want my children, relatives, student's parents... reading much of the true me. I don't see a problem with you saying 'guys' cause it is just a generic preference thing and doesn't imply that you want more than one at a time any more than my saying 'girls' implies that I'm orgy minded. I'm a one lover kind of gal. At this stage of my life I am married so that kind of knocks me out of even having one gal. If I could go back would I do things different? Who knows. Marrying who I married when I married brought into my life these wonderful young people who are my children. I'd hate to have missed out on them. Are they capable of understanding me? No. But then, what kids really understand their parents anyway? Sheesh, I'm writing a frailing (to borrow a word from tree) book here.

If your kids are straight in orientation (as they no doubt are) nothing you say will turn them off procreation. They should know that you find their dad attractive physically. Not in any icky overt revelations but just as a normal part of life. I raised my kids on a farm. I wanted them to firmly understand sex = procreation. Now sure and I was missing part of the boat cause of my own special circumstances. But we bred everything from rabbits to horses and they saw that sex is just part of life. It is normal, healthy, good. And it makes babies. City kids miss out on so much I think.

jennifer said...

Yes, long, but I appreciate the time and conversation. This has to be quick - I've got to get the kiddos.

OK, so I am a Christian, a big time JESUS lovin' Christian, who hates the idea that you would feel judged by me. I'm SO glad you realize I am a friend and not judgemental. I've been told NOT to judge and I actually take that seriously. I realize that it is not so for others of my Faith, and for that, I apologize. My maid of honor was/is a lesbian. And I stood up for her at her wedding last year. That is something that hardly ANYONE knows about me, that I have been in a gay wedding (i keep trying to type weeding, a gay weeding. FUNNY). I just know, if I EVER treat someone poorly, or unloving because of their lifestyle, how on Earth are they ever going to see Christ in me? And in turn, if folks (ie fellow Christians) knew this about me, how would I be treated? I have found myself disenchanted with religion and absolutely in love with Jesus. I find it in HIM, that fulfillment, more than church. That can make me an oddball too. OK!!!! Got to go Now! see you in Blogland - Jen

Oh, and just be yourself, whatever self that may be at the time. Don't we all have sides and natures of ourselves that we only know?

OH and Oh! Sex....I....I try to keep the kids from watching the dogs, anything like that. A momma freak out moment when that happens. And the girls are old enough, they know. And They know about my cousin, just not about the wedding. Too hard to explain gay weedings (HAH) when they see their kids parents breaking up left and right. They'll find their way, I know. But they are being taught love and acceptance in our home.

Wamblings said...

Jen, I also am a believer in Jesus though the last few years I've really struggled with this. It occurs to me that Jesus never said anything at all about homosexuality and I know from Jewish friends that it has always had a place in that culture, though quietly. Hebrew is VERY specific and the Old Testament doesn't address lesbian sexuality at all. Anyway, I am glad to have you among my friends.

Next time your kids see dogs doing it, just say very matter of factly, "they are making a baby". The kids will pick up from you the attitude that it is no big deal. I'll have to blog about my children and the stallion. :P Kids accept what you accept. If you seem shocked it will become something to snicker behind their hands about.