Friday, February 22, 2008

My Personal Recipe

OK, so I found this over at Jen's. hehehe. Maybe over at another of my blogs I will try it out with one of my other names. Should be fun.

The Recipe For Wamblings

3 parts Enchantment

2 parts Delight

1 part Prosperity

Splash of Allure

Serve over ice


jennifer said...

So I guess you saw I got Whipped Cream on top? Yeah Baby! Bring on the cool whip, I can eat it by the spoon! Glad you tried it too! Jennifer

Hey, and how does it feel to have alter egos on the internet? Very super hero-ish of you! I don't have any super hero powers and who needs them? I just wish that I looked good in tights!! Do the weekend thing well!

Wamblings said...

LOL, my alter egos wouldn't be left out of the fun of blogging. It's all a bit to keep up with though. A couple of them got whipped cream, some got "enjoyed" on the beach *fans self* and one got shaken, not stirred. OK so I added the "not stirred". Whipped cream though! *fans vigorously* That is a hot image. Oh and I suspect some of my alter egos look better in tights than I do. I have been 30 for a VERY long time after all. That middle age sprawl is attacking my tummy I fear.