Saturday, February 2, 2008


Last Monday was our annual Winter Recital. Cruel teacher that I am, I actually expect my students to practice their violins over Christmas break and reinforce that expectation with a January recital.

Now I’m not sure what the deal is here but it seems this dead man who was neither a president of the United States nor canonized by the Church has still merited a federal holiday. Sure he had a dream. I had a dream. Sadly I woke up and the chocolate disappeared uneaten but hey, I had a dream. I have touched the lives of *shrugs* dozens at least. I’ve been teaching more than 20 years at anywhere from a low of two students that first year to close to forty on my really busy years so I’m sure I must have touched the lives of several. Is anyone making a holiday in my name? Lets close the banks and schools and celebrate Wamblings day the fifth Tuesday of February every year. Yeah, I know. But then my chances of getting another day weren’t any better.

Anyway, the Monday before the recital I had the pianist come for an hour and a half to practice with the students. Care to guess how many showed up? Three out of thirty! Anyone want to figure out the percentage there? Hey, I never claimed to be a mathematician.

So Monday we had the recital. My students range from knee high to taller than a double bass. OK I’m not sure about that exactly since I’ve never measured any of them against a double bass. What I can say for certain is that they range in age from younger than me to older than me.

A few arrived early so they could practice with the pianist. The one playing the most advanced piece couldn’t get there early so completely winged it and aside from obvious nerves translating into “baroque vibrato” he made a good job of it. While one four year old girl was playing a toddler came on stage, stood beside her a few notes than wandered off to stand squarely in front of the video camera. I really hope the performer didn’t think people were laughing at her.

The important thing is no one crashed and burned. Sure and no one was perfect either but then, I don’t expect perfection. I only expect each student to get up there and do the very best they can in that moment in time.

It seems that during the reception following the recital some of the parents were wondering why I didn’t get up there and play too. ARE THEY NUTS?


Trée said...

Wamblings, you sound like a wonderful teacher. I have no doubt you have touched many lives with love and humor and wisdom. :-)

Wamblings said...

Thanks Tree. I think I'm a good teacher too. I feel so blessed to be able to do something I love and people actually give me money for it. Now if I can just get people to give me money for writing I will be on top of the world.

jennifer said...

Well you are now my secret. I can't let my husband know about you because he LOVES the violin. Plus, you have very thick hair. I am already treading lightly with him by being a computer-idiot. **Sigh** It would be lovely to have a talent, any talent, juice harp even! I like your site - Jennifer

Wamblings said...

LOL I will be your little secret then. Since my bike accident over a year ago, my playing isn't so great but I'm working to get it back.

My husband also resents my time on the computer. I've been evening things up though, I loaded some little games on his and now he spends time playing games freeing me up to type.

I hope you will come back often to read and to share your thoughts.