Thursday, February 7, 2008

Background Poetry

The story introduced in the post below was inspired by a poem I wrote in '05.


Echoes of laughter fill the old playroom.
Dust motes drift in the sunlight.
The swing-set is rusted, chains broken.
No more do childish voices fill the air.

The rocking chair weeps of abandonment.
The hobby horse pleads to be ridden again.
In the corner a moth eaten bear
Remembers the happiness of a time past.

No more songs fill the air.
No more booboos kissed.
No more childish giggles.
No more lullabies.

But the old clock in the corner
Remembers still the lad and lassie
Who filled this space with squeals and giggles


Trée said...

Mmmm, wouldn't mind being that old clock. The things they see. :-D

Very nice poem Wamblings. Love the weeping rocking chair and the moth eaten bear. And those dust motes in the sunlight set the scene so well and who doesn't have a rusted swing-set. Beautifully descriptive. :-)

Wamblings said...

Thanks Tree, Each image except the swing set play into the body of the story. The bear being a main character and the clock appearing for the climactic scene. The poem was written in June of 2005 and I no longer have any memory of what inspired it.

jennifer said...

"The rocking chair weeps of abandonment"...that is wonderful. It really makes me sad. I have three rocking chairs that I started to post for my Show and Tell Friday today (next Friday instead?) and they all tell a different story. Jennifer

Camphor said...

booboos should always be kissed. Especially Boo's.

Your poetry has always moved me... and still does... *hug* Would we remember memories that are unalloyed joy? Do you have any like that?

Wamblings said...

*squeels and hugs* I do have memories of unalloyed joy. I wonder why it is that they are harder to write about.

Camphor said...

I couldn't describe mine for words.
Seems to lessen it to try.

Make any sense?

Wamblings said...

Camphor, makes total sense to me. My poem in an earlier post does allude to beautiful memories though the poem itself is bittersweet.

I'm so excited. One of my writer's guild friends just got word she won 2nd place in the Writer's Digest short story contest and will be published in their May/June edition. Now I am soooooo kicking myself for wussing out. She's going to get $1500. Gahhhhhhhh. I should have entered. *sick grin