Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May Morning Haiku

April showers
coming down by buckets full
in May

white blossoms disguising
sharp thorns

white blossoms predict
cold snap

small birds
clustered on feeder
brilliant yellow

large poplar trees
reaching skyward wearing
yellow flowers

new growth
springing out of cold ground
bamboo shoots

brilliant morning
radiant golden sunrise
hidden by clouds

Paulownia tree
sweet scented purple flowers
washed away by rain

wild flowers
glowing in verdant grass
after rain

hybrid iris
giant exotic blossoms
rain shattered

Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Challenge

The poetry challenge ended April 30. I took the day off from poetry yesterday to let my brain rest and to do some real life stuff. OK, so poetry is real life in a way. This morning, before I was fully awake, (eyes open, no one home) I composed a very short one.

hiding behind grey morning

A few weeks ago my challenge called for a haiku or senryu. Well, to be honest I had no idea what a senryu was and figured while I was at it, it would be a good idea to brush up on haiku form. What I learned was:
a) haiku should mention (or reference) season
b) while traditional haiku is 17 syllables, modern can be shorter
c) haiku is only about nature
d) senryu looks a lot like haiku
e) senryu is about human things (elegant turn of phrase, I know *grins*)
f) there can be a hybridization of senryu / haiku

So the above poem actually is haiku of the modern sort.

Anyway, I got to thinking that now my daily prompts are over I should work my way through some poetry forms. Maybe spend a day on something easy and a week or more working through some of the difficult ones. I had to write three form poems for the challenge, haiku, villanelle, and sestina. Of those the sestina was definitely the hardest. A real head banger, possibly the worst poem I've ever written. I'm just saying, be glad I didn't post it to this blog. hehe

So, I headed over to Shadow Poetry which may not be the greatest authority on writing form poetry but is a nice resource and easy to navigate. And I was thinking I would just take the forms in alphebetic order but the first form is Acrostic and that is followed by Ballad. Sheesh. Oh well. Time to suck it up I guess.

acing from the car to
Arrive frosted
In glittering diamonds.
Now I am awash,
Imbued, in
Glorious bling.


uring Spring's early flush
Of newly warm days and
Grandiose vivid color,
We pause to admire the
Opalescent clouds
Of sun washed
Dogwoods glowing
Silent at forest edge.

OK so now you can see why I really hate these things. I really don't want to spend a week on them. Now maybe this means I should but nope, not going there.