Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rules of Writing # 5

Rule 5. Start as close to the end as possible.


Do butchers have to go to some kind of school to certify for jobs at grocery stores? I think the meat packer at my local grocery must have flunked Poultry Organs 101.

Saturday Sugar bought a tub of chicken livers at the local market. Now what would you expect in such a container? Chicken livers, nu? Of course it did have the required chicken livers but...

This morning I am rushing around, getting ready for work, packing a lunch... I have my head poked in the refrigerator when I see this tub of chicken livers and remember that I was supposed to cook and bring them today as on Tuesdays I teach the same place she does. (I move around, she doesn't.) So one by one, I'm forking these babies out, dredging them in seasoned flour, dropping them in the skillet. I get near the bottom and there is a misplaced organ. A heart to be exact. Now, I'm no biologist, but I do know the difference between a liver and a heart. They look nothing alike.

So it leaves me wondering. Did the local meat packer flunk Poultry Organs 101?


jennifer said...

AACK! No problems here with the heart being mixed in 'cause I'm not going to eat the livers either! But that certainly sounds like down home country cooking! Are there "fixins" to go with it?

Have a happy day tomorrow. Jen

DaForeigner said...

I agree! You won't catch me near either one of those things...but thanks for the great laugh at 1:54 am!!! :)


Wamblings said...

hahaha, Maybe chicken livers are one of those "country girl" things. I was raised on them. I'll also eat the hearts and gizzards. Just struck me funny to see the heart in there with all the livers. What do they teach these boys in Butcher School anyway?