Thursday, April 30, 2009

Poetry Challenge

Today's prompt is a farewell poem.


I never will leave you
Alone in this walk.
My life would be so blue
If we could not talk.

The words are no problem,
They roll off the tongue.
No thought do we give them
When our talk is done.

But when we consider
What they really mean
The problem is bigger
This now I have seen.

So we'll talk real soon,
And later I'll see you,
And until the next time,
Bis sp├Ąter, adieu.

1 comment:

Nabeel said...

I loved the second verse, as it is very true. No thought do we give them, when our talk is done. If only we could change that. n our culture there's a saying, "Think before you talk". If only we could give thought to the words about to be spoken, the world will be a better place.