Monday, April 13, 2009

Poem a Day Challenge

Because I tend to get behind sometimes in reading my emails I just discovered a Poem A Day challenge for April which is something like National Poetry Month. OK, I can research this more later when I have more time and more active brain cells.

So back to the Writer's Digest Poem a Day challenge. Today's prompt is to write a poem about a hobby. Your's or someone else'. So here goes.

My Hobbies

I've always been one
to change hobbies
like some women change husbands.

There is the discovery stage,
excitement bubbling up
as the enticing new activity
catches my eye.
Perhaps a new craft
or some interesting concept,
the latest fad activity;
like my dear friend meeting
a new man at a party.

Next there is the pursuit.
I buy all the paraphernalia,
read books,
perhaps even find someone
to teach me the finer points.
How am I different from my dear friend
finding reasons to be in the same places
as her new interest?

Is courtship too archaic a word
to describe the hours I spend
perfecting my abilities
whether by reading everything I can find
or perhaps learning new stitches
or searching out better plant varieties.
I immerse myself in my new hobby,
too absorbed to spend time listening
to my dear friend go on and on
about last night's date
and the dress she just bought
to wear the first time she meets his family.

Eventually I reach mastery.
For different hobbies this may mean different things.
Perhaps I can play a violin concerto
without my listeners reaching for earplugs,
or maybe my rose bushes are covered
with perfect unspotted leaves and
glorious flowers.
Maybe my cedar chest is finally full
of beautifully embroidered baby blankets.
I attend my dear friend's wedding,
making all the right comments.

But then, a new hobby catches my eye.
I wander from the old,

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