Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Poetry Challenge

Today's challenge was to take a favorite poem and change the title and rewrite the poem. It was not required to stay with the same form though I think I managed to do that.

Growing up Daddy used to quote us 'The Song of Summer' by Paul Lawrence Dunbar. The piece got lodged so firmly in my head that as an adult I set the words to music. Here then is a new poem set to the same tune.

Spring of Hope

Oh here's da season truly blessed,
fickle weather changin'.
Violets flower in the grass,
dandelions seedin'.

White clouds scuddin' through the sky,
raindrops fall like diamonds.
Got my brollie in my hand,
watchin' out for crosswinds.

Open colored Easter eggs,
devil them with mayo.
Pack a picnic hamper full,
hit the forest tail-o.

Climb the mountain trail to see
wildflowers bloomin';
brilliant colors greet the eyes,
woodland full of groomin'.

Robin's ear cocked to the grass
list'nen for an earth worm.
Starling quarrel with a finch
try'n' to steal the feeder.

Move off now winter, spring has come,
weather's getting warmer.
Bar's emerged from winter den,
tiny cubs beside her.

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