Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Sunday Afternoon

A couple Sundays in a row now I've had dinner with my daughter and we've done something after we ate. Last week we shopped. I'm not much of a shopper. I kind of need someone to hold my hand cause I really want to walk in, go straight to the item I need, buy it and get out. She on the other hand seems to enjoy shopping. I suspect the babies were switched at the hospital.

This week we ate then stopped at PetCo for dog food. Two bags of dogfood, two bags of dried grass (rabbit food, not the illegal stuff), 5 realistic looking fake plants, and 3 fish later we headed for the Montessori school to introduce the fish to their new environment and unload everything that wasn't the dogfood.

While there her phone rings and it is a former student inviting her (more like reminding her AGAIN) to a recital in Chattanooga at 3. Her current teacher is my former teacher who I've not seen in several years. Four of the students were beginners in our program who Sugar and I taught at different times before moving them on for more advanced training. The recital was fantastic. R has a reputation for driving her students to incredible heights. One of our former students graduated this year and will be going into a pre-med program but still playing the violin (she turned down a Vanderbilt music scholarship). She was the star of the recital. Her little sister was just as good. Another is already getting scholarship offers from universities and plans to major in viola. The fourth is maybe 7 and already playing advanced music with a high degree of musicality.

So that's how I spent my day.

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