Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me



1a) the day on which a person was born
b) figurative the day on which something began
2) the yearly return of the day on which a person was born, or on which something began

This is from my giant two volume dictionary. That's all. No Greek. No Latin. Not even pidgin English. Soooo, I dug a touch deeper and backed up to birth which has a big long definition which I'm too lazy to type in and which anyway, I figure everyone who reads my blog pretty much knows what birth is anyway. So what did it give me for fancy roots?

[Middle English byrthe byrth)]

Reckon my early European ancestors handled that one without help from the Romans. I went to my little free Translator and it doesn't offer Latin so I tried Italian and birth = nascita, birthday = compleanno, Greek γενέθλια which really isn't very useful since I ducked out of Greek after learning the first four letters of their alphabet (αλφάβητο) which I have forgotten in the interviening years.

So anyway, this is my rather long winded way of saying that today is the 21st anniversary of my 30th birthday. Nah, don't bother with the math. I'll only ever admit to 30 anyway.


Trée said...

Happy Birthday W!

Wamblings said...

Thanks T. To celebrate, I sat around in my birthday suit this morning playing on my computer and just generally enjoying myself.

Edna Lee said...

A very Happy Birthday to you!! I think I'll eat some cake in your honor. It's the least I can do.

Wamblings said...

Hahaha, Here Edna, have some of mine. I made it with Xylitol and it actually turned out and is almost calorie free. The best part is that it didn't make me sick. *dances* I actually found something sweet that doesn't make me sick! Maybe I'll have a piece of cake for breakfast. Chocolate with cherries on top. mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Trée said...

I could see that. :-D

jennifer said...

Oh Shoot. Happy belated Birthday.

This is the third occasion in a little over a week's time I've missed.

I hope that it was lovely. You make thirty something look so good!

Be blessed!


jennifer said...

I'll be back later on today or tomorrow to read and get caught up. It's late and I'm getting LoOpY.


Wamblings said...

awwwwww Jen, thanks. I'm dressed now so it's safe to come back. :P I've been the world's worst lately with regards to visiting blogs.