Saturday, May 17, 2008


OK so here I am back at Momma's like I am every weekend. It's 4:45 PM and we are eating the meal that's too late to be lunch and too early to dignify with the name supper. Just for the record the other meal earlier was also between normal meal times.

Anyway, L's clock suddenly starts bleating from the other room. The same freaking alarm clock I turn off every Saturday afternoon. Can't help wondering though. Why would the alarm clock go off in the middle of the afternoon? Well, this time around the clock is blinking from a power outage and seems to believe the time is 12:03 which is still an odd time to have the alarm going off.

For the record, today I've gotten five containers out of the fridge for good. Two were leftovers that I combined into a new dish with the addition of a little canned soup and cheese, one was leftover bean salad, two were jars of applesauce and spaghetti sauce that had gone moldy. So while I've not washed any dishes (hey, I rinsed off or put to soak all the dishes we've used), I did do my part towards cleaning out the fridge. Anything from this meal left on Momma's plate will become dog food or compost.

And that's all the news that's fit to print. *grins*


jennifer said...

You do good by your Mom, whether you wash a dish or not.

I'm not going to see my folks this weekend and in fact, didn't answer the phone when they called today. Crap attitude, I know, but I just wasn't up to it at that time.

Hope you have a nice rest of the weekend.


Trée said...

Caring for parents in the twilight of their life (my mother has been caring for my grandmother, who had two strokes just before xmas and was sent home under hospice care, can't talk and is paralyzed on half her body) is a task best suited to saints. We thought our granny had only days, if not hours to live. That was five and a half months ago. So I say, let the dishes go. In the long run, just not that important. Now, naked dances, well, that's a whole other matter. :-D

Wamblings said...

Jen, I think we're all entitled to crap attitudes from time to time. Enjoy being able to not answer the phone. Later it won't be a choice and you will do what you must when you must. Knowing you, you'll do it with a sweet attitude.

Wamblings said...

Tree, I'm sorry about your grandmother. It is a hard thing to watch. My mother cared for my grandmother which set the example for me. I knew when I was four that I would care for her someday. I fear I'm no saint. Just someone doing what needs doing. Naked dances are one way of maintaining my sanity in somewhat insane circumstances.

Julianne said...

Progress is progress, right? The fridge is now four items closer to being clean. Go you!

Hope you had a relaxing weekend.

jennifer said...

Hey Friend Wamblings! I hope that your weekend is starting out well. Ours is ROCKIN' cause we played our last ball game of the season today. WOO HOO! I've never been so happy to see the end!

I shot an Email to Rob. I haven't heard from him in a while. So, we'll see if I hear back from him. I'll let you know, OK?

Take Care Dear!!


Wamblings said...

Jen, Thanks Sweetie. I've been watching for him to show up on IM (when I remember to turn it on) and nothing. I hope you hear something.

Gotta love ends of things (like ball seasons) that require a lot of being places and you can just chill for awhile.