Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Retrospect

I have two children, Sugar (32) and Kiddo (28). Yeah, I know that given their ages it stretches the imagination a bit when I say I'm 30 but just remember that I was a child bride.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. I love my kids but I'm finding the less I'm around them, the more I savor the times we have together. I can't help regretting that we didn't keep the doors locked when their father and I moved to the new house. I tried real hard to leave their stuff behind in the old house but their dad let them move it into the new house. Heck, we didn't even have the roof on when they were walking around in the upstairs bedrooms figuring out how they wanted to arrange their furniture. As I type this, Kiddo is asleep in the room above me.

Sugar lives with an elderly woman in town. Between teaching at Montessori and seeing that B has the help she needs, Sugar is kept pretty busy. Sunday she and I took time to just be together. We ate at a Chinese buffet and went and dug flowers out of a lady's yard. NO, we didn't steal them. *grins* We visited with the lady for maybe an hour, oohing and aahing over her handwork and then came home to have time with both Sugar's grandma's and assorted other family members. Kiddo came home for a short time (snuck away from work, he did), so I got to see both my offspring yesterday as well as having some time with Momma.

Momma was back in her right mind by yesterday and having a good time.

Twas a good day. My mother's day gift from the kids was a totally cool drum. Yeah, I know, most moms receive flowers or chocolates but I'm special. My kids got me a cool drum with a lizard on the head.


jennifer said...

COOL! No box of chocolates or roses for you (I know, you cant have the Chocolate anyway).

I worry about ME cutting the chord when my kids get to a certain age. No, I don't want them to live with us forever, but I don't look forward to them living independently from me. I INSIST that they do it one day, I just don't look forward to that day.

You must have a fairly decent relationship with your kiddos or they wouldn't have the option of being at home. So that's a blessing, right?

I took my Mom her Cheesecake and had the usual visit. I got some pretty nice hugs from her. That was special anyway.

And I felt the need to murder my annoying younger brother a couple of times too. LORD when will he grow up? And will I know it when he does? 23, a husband, with a baby coming the end of this month.... Shouldn't he be more mature? Maybe I am just not good sister material.


DaForeigner said...

Haha...cutting the cord. Mom swears up and down that I can live at home forever...(something I can't do). I think she will crumble for a few weeks when I finally make that jump out of the nest. She almost freaked when I was potentially going to take a job across the country.

I'm sure it will be hard for her...but I will keep in contact. You only have 1 mom right! Gotta make the best of it. Glad to hear everyone on your end had a great mother's day! :P


Edna Lee said...

As much as you moms like to see your kids, we love to see you even more. I love spending time with my mom and, just like with your beautiful drum, knowing just the right gift for her. This year I crocheted a cozy afghan for my mother (just in time for the sweltering California summer...) She loved it and didn't even care that one side was crooked. (Historically, I never can get things to look or taste as they said they would in the directions. Mom says that's part of my charm, bless her heart.)

Thank God for moms! Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Wamblings said...

Jen, LOL I never had a little brother. I know that I have other family members though that I wonder if they ever will grow up. Mostly older than me since I was "the baby".

Yeah, I have a pretty good relationship with my kids. I worry though about the possibility of losing them completely over my whole sexuality thing. They want me to be the homophobe who raised them. Basically I feel they are pretending that mom isn't gay and that if they ignore it, it will go away.

Wamblings said...

Rob, Your mom will adjust. Sure it will be hard on her. I'm glad my kids work locally. I'm glad I get to see them a lot and have lunch with them most weeks. My son has matured to the point that he does all his own laundry and cleans up after himself in the kitchen so that's all good. Things might have to get a little ugly if the daughter moves back in. Cleaning up after yourself in the kitchen is now a requirement of living here. *grins*

Wamblings said...

Edna, awww, I'll bet it was beautiful. Sounds like your mom is real special. I made the mistake of choosing (actually my sister made the color choice over the phone) the purple flowers instead of the bright yellow ones for Momma. I realized when I saw them in her perpetually dark cluttered house that the yellow would have been much the better choice. Oh well. She liked them. Repeatedly. Each time she saw them that day it was for the first time. What she really liked though were the pink tulips my students mom's gave me. I could have saved the cost of the hanging basket and just regifted the tulips. *wicked grin*

jennifer said...

Hey Wamblings. I hope that your kids don't desert you but i don't know them. I know they don't want to see things go catty wampus with their Dad, cause that's how kids are, but it seems to me Gay just isn't what it once was. The media has taken it to a place where it is cool. I hope that it doesn't cause a rift.

Poor Wamblings. Sounds like you are in for tough choices or that choices have been made for you.

Take care and I am rooting for you.