Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Regurgitated Meme

When my friend Jennifer over at Dust Bunny Central did a Meme I thought "cute" and was glad she didn't tag me. This time though I got snuck up on by Edna Lee of Regurgitated Alpha Bit fame. If you don't already read either of their blogs, get your butts in gear and go enjoy. They both make me smile a lot. My life has been unusually crazed the last few weeks and my poor blog has gone begging so I don't know if I have any readers left but here we go. I'll be trying to get around and catch up on all your blogs shortly.

I did the work this morning offline since my internet was seriously down. Sure hope Word doesn't cause wild font effects when I paste it over.

First things first:

The Rules

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.

2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.

3. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5-6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

4. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

Ten years ago was the pause between storms. My youngest turned 18 and got his first real job. My teaching studio was at its height and both my daughter and I were teaching five days a week, my son had a half dozen cello students and we had two other part time violin teachers. I had spent the year before running back and forth to Momma’s after she had a mastectomy and then broke a hip, but she was better and not needing me every weekend. Daddy didn’t have his first stroke till a year later.

Ten years ago I had a year to breathe and enjoy life. My husband and I bought matching backpacks and after a lifetime of insisting that camping required a picnic table and flush toilets, I took to the wilderness like a possum takes to ripe pawpaws. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list for today (not in any particular order):

Feed the horses (twice).

Finish making my breakfast smoothie.

Leave early enough to get to Verizon and find out why my PC card is refusing to connect me to the internet.

Get my April bookkeeping done and take deposit to bank. (I’m only about 30 days behind on that)

Try to find a source for Edna’s divine almond champagne.

3. Snacks I enjoy:

Fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, the sugar free chocolate I make. mmmmmmmmmm

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

Quit my job.

Run away from home.

Travel the world with my favorite travel partner.

Self publish my poetry and novels even if no one ever read them..

5. Three of my bad habits:

Insisting I’m right. (Well duh, of course I’m right.)

Grooming my finger nails with my teeth.

Engaging in devious acts to get my own way. (Well after all, I’m right.)

6. 5 places I have lived:

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Bethany, Kentucky (Yep, I was an orphanage kid but that’s a whole nother story.)

Spring City, Tennessee

Norfolk, Virginia

Oldfort, Tennessee (Which I still maintain should be two words not one, and come on, you know I’m right.)

7. 5 jobs I have had:

Clerk – Local feed store two days a week.

Violin Teacher – Still doing this, still self employed.

Early Childhood Music Teacher – Fancy way of saying I do music classes for little tots and their mommies. I also do this two days a week at a Montessori school.

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer – Hey, it’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it.

Home Educator – Again a fancy way of saying I kept my kids home from school and taught them myself. Must have worked out OK cause they both graduated cum laude and are gainfully employed in the same fields (or nearly so) they got their degrees in.

OK so I had to stretch it to make 5. I could put in novelist but since I’ve not finished my first novel yet I thought that might be stretching it a bit far.

8. 5 People I want to know more about:

DaForeigner / Rob at 1 Day at a Time Yeah I know I’m way behind in my reading. I’ll get there and catch up somehow.

Bob at Cranelegs Pond I always love reading your short humorous clips. Makes me realize how far short of funny I fall.

Tree at Decedent Tranquility I'm loving your story and your art. Hopefully I can get there soon to catch up. I think I'm maybe two weeks behind now.

Camphor at Mostly Harmless I love you girl. I get a few minutes I'll look for you over on GTalk.

Glenda at Glenda's Musings Welcome to blogspot girl. I know, this is a heck of an introduction but hehehe here you go. Tag. You're it.


Trée said...

All you have to do is ask. :-)

Edna Lee said...

Here's your source for almond champagne:

It's sweet, cheap, and they'll ship it to you! Now check that one off your list.

Loved reading all about you!


Wamblings said...

awwwwwwww YAY. Almond Champagne.

Tree, I'll be waiting eagerly for yours.

Glenda said...

You are allowed to call yourself a novelist regardless of whether your novel is published, or ever published. You call yourself a poet don't you?

DaForeigner said...

yeah yeah yeah....guess i will play :) I will comment back when I've finished!!!

Thanks for the tag!

DaForeigner said...

Alright Chameleon...I have completed your task. I have finally finished!!! hahaha. Go check it out, hope you enjoy.

jennifer said...

I read your meme and I think "Who would Wamblings be like, if I met her in person?"

You seem like a confident forthright, intelligent woman. I know you have a bright engaging smile. So, here are a few people that I know, that you don't know, that you could possibly be like:

A teacher at my kiddos school. She is friendly and smart, but not warm and fuzzy exactly. She commands respect from her students and their parents, but it is respect laced with affection. When she turns her attention your way, you feel AKNOWLEDGED.

My mother. She dealt with her mom having Alzheimers in a stoic, non outwardly emotional way. But she has since let us in and she was crying on the inside daily.

An author. A real author. Someone who pulls the reader in and will not let them go until they are good and ready.

My Aunt Jackie. She was classy and composed. She made decisions early on that she lived with the rest of her life. She loved those around her in a consuming and vorascious way. Her daughter was a lesbian and she fought it at first, then embraced her and that culture trying to heal the wounds that others inflicted on these women.

I think that I would be first intimidated by you, then honored by your friendship.

And all of this from one little meme!

I am going to check out your other site now! Be blessed Wamblings Dear and please forgive me for not visiting for so long!


Wamblings said...

Glenda I am laughing so hard at your "you call yourself a poet" comment. *giggles* I do indeed, despite the fact I've not written a single line of poetry in two or three days. I told myself I'd catch back up on my 100/100 challenge this weekend but I've not put pencil to paper yet. Too busy playing with my new computer.

Wamblings said...

Rob Yay, I've opened your page in a fresh tab and will comment over there.

Wamblings said...

Jen, Love. As though I could be offended. It seems to me that I'm terribly behind still on yours. I will get there though this weekend. Maybe from my new computer even though right now I'm on the old one. I'm a lot faster on the old one just cause I know it better. It also has a bigger screen vertically speaking which I discover I value. Heck, I'm even way behind on my own blogs. I never post any of my 360s anymore, mostly cause Yahoo is letting 360 go to pot which is sad cause we had a lovely community there. I rarely ever post at MySpace just cause this old Dell hates it. Maybe I'll post a bit more over there now that I have the Mac unless it turns out to hate it also. Anyway, your list of friends I might be like made me giggle because I think my DID must be showing. I'm sure you wouldn't really be intimidated by me. No one ever is. I can't even intimidate my youngest students. sheesh, I'm such a muffin. Instead, people find me easy to talk to and a good friend who knows how (from painful experience) to keep her mouth shut. I'm sure that within seconds of first laying eyes on each other, we would be carrying on like lifelong friends. At least, you strike me as the sort that I would respond that way to.

jennifer said...

I am intimidated by extremely bright people and extremely vain people. You are the bright type LOL! Also put-together Strong people intimidate me. Lord Wamblings, I am a basket case!

I guess I get some of my impressions from your assertiveness in being right and just your obvious INTELLIGENCE. But I already know you and consider you "friend". If I had never met you, I really think I would feel...... less? But that's just ME, how I am. I do believe we are meant to be friends (of the blog variety) cause I already feel that kinship!!

I really do wish you could meet the teacher. She is who I think of, personality wise, when I think Wamblings. She is a kindergarten teacher that has been there for years. My son CRAVES her attention in car line. Like I said, she will make you feel acknowledged. Like she SEES you.

Be blessed Honey. I know that hardly anything that I said made sense, but that's just me all over!

Jen Again

jennifer said...

And there is NO GREATER COMPLIMENT IN THIS WORLD than you remind me of Jackie. I miss her so much Wamblings.


Wamblings said...

Jen, I do believe I like your Aunt Jackie already. I understand the "intimidated by people" thing cause I've fought that all my life. I somehow manage to project 'put together' but truth is I'm my own bundle of insecurities and fears. One advantage of getting older though, you care less and less what other people think. Being 50 is really freeing. Not that I actually admit to being 50 myself, you understand, I've just heard somewhere that once you pass 50 you are free from the weight of other's opinions. *grins*

DaForeigner said... seems we are all having a bonding moment which is awesome!!! LOL.

I'm not afraid matter which color you come at me in! :P I enjoy your comments though they are always so blunt, dry, and to the point.

How is figuring out that new computer coming along?

jennifer said...

Bonding indeed!! HAH! I came here from Rob's site cause I was posting a comment and yours hit right before mine. We are at the same place at the same time. THEN I come over here and Rob has left a comment just before this one.

When three folks are thinking about each other at the same time, that has got to be some type of unity, or strength in the spiritual world. Cool, right?

Hope that your weekend is Smurfy!


jennifer said...

WAIT! A blogging Trinity. The beautiful 'Dyke' (your word darling), the gorgeous angst riddled young man, and the Mid-life Mommy.

a Force to be reckoned with! :^D

Jen again, and again, and again, it appears.

DaForeigner said...

sweet!!! I made it on your list of places to visit!!! YES!!! hahaha. Not they are gonna get far until I add them lol. :P

And are to kind as usual.

"gorgeous angst riddled young man" Now that is something for me to hang up on the wall!! Thanks Jen.

Wamblings said...

Jen & Rob, A trinity. I like that. LOL And Rob, I may be a dyke but I'm not blind. "gorgeous angst riddled young man" fits. Post it on your wall with pride. I had to wander off and care for momma. I reckon next time she wakes up I'll have to take her for a ride to satisfy her desire to "go home". Some weekends I think she's turned into ET. Just replace "phone" with "go" and you got the picture. I think I need to write a post about the joys and agony of transitioning from PC to Mac. LOL At the moment I'm back on the Dell. Tree suggested that you can word process free at google doc so I've come over here to upload a few documents to play with from the mac. I'd really like to get some of my stuff that potentially could get me into trouble off my hard drive. Of course, I'm not sure having it online will be more secure.

Rob, yeah, I've been meaning to update that list for awhile. Like every time I had to go hunting my way through other links to get to your page. I'm not sure how I missed adding you a lot sooner actually.

Personally I'm glad I don't scare you when I visit in my rainbow hues. LOL, I'm blunt dry and too the point? Cool!

DaForeigner said...

Thanks for the compliment!!! hahaha. Even if you are a Dyke, that doesn't matter to me. You can come give me a hug in your rainbow pride whenever you like. One of my best friends in HS was gay, then his sister turned out to become a lesbian as well... His dad had a hard time dealing with it all, but he did come around eventually.

Sometimes when I read your comments regarding some of my craziness in my life I can just feel the fiestyness jumping through the words. I think that is cool...your very aware of people's emotions, but I think you can get to the point without hesitation when needed. The trinity!! That is to funny to me lol.

I admire your patience with your mother. (and your transition to mac's LOL) I used to mess with them at work...they are just odd, but cool in their own way)

Talk to you soon!


Wamblings said...

I'd have to say "unholy" trinity. LOL I'm writing this novel called Triangles. I've charted all these relationships between the various characters as triangles or trinities: The three primary female characters all in different stages of life.
The three Dykes.
The villain and two of the women.
Two of the dykes and one of the other main women.
The trinity relationships just go on and on.
It's based loosely on some trinity relationships in my life, though the story and it's characters are all fiction. The first of the trinity relationships though that sparked the story is me and two online friends who I've also met face to face. One of them described us as a coven with the mother (me), the maiden, and the crone. Hahaha, I may be older than them now but they're catching up slowly. I fully intend to stay at 30 till they do.

One thing I find. I'm one person when I'm in the closet (like I'm only part of a person) and someone else who is more really alive when I can be out of the closet. I imagine that eventually I will have to rip the door off the closet as a survival issue.