Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend at Momma's

I arrived at Momma's house Friday evening, usual time.

She says, "How'd you know to find us here?"

I say, "This is where I find you every weekend."

She says, "I don't think so."

I say, "This IS where you live."

She says, "Not much."

Yep, we were off and running on a great weekend.

Saturday I take time for a shower and when I come out she is missing. I round up her good cane and head up the drive. When I get to the top of the rise she is heading up the next rise four cottages away. I see she has picked up a walking stick from the porch. I call out, "You think you've walked far enough?" She stops and looks around a bit then starts on. I'm thinking "Crap, she's walking home." (664 miles according to Yahoo Maps) So I decide to go back to the house, give her time to walk up maybe near the cemetery where Daddy is buried then pick her up with the car, take her to see his grave and bring her on home. I take the cane back to the house, wait a little bit then head out in the car. I get over the rise and there she is at the bottom of the other side of it, headed back home. She gets in the car and I back it to the house.

She carried that wooden walking stick around the house the rest of the day. That would be a real nice walking stick for when she walked home. At one point she mentioned she hadn't seen her mom and dad and the children in quite a long time. I didn't bother to remind her that her parents are long gone and her little brothers and sisters are old like her and about half of them have passed on.

Supper time she says, "Well, I guess it's time for me to be walking home."

I just looked at her and said, "You can't go yet, you've not had your supper."


DaForeigner said...

Wow.. that has to be a tough situation. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure it tries on your patience.

Thanks for your comment. I'm not sure how things are going to work out...just sucks to be int his situation. It was so involuntary...she was actually trying to set me up with someone else...go figure.

Wamblings said...

I think life never works out the way we expect. I know mine isn't. I wanted to hurt no one. I managed to hurt everyone, the one I loved the most I hurt most of all.

DaForeigner said...

What made you decide to go with your decision? And do you regret it? If you don't mind me asking...

DaForeigner said...


Do me a favor. I have to add some security settings to my blog due to some recent events. I can add people who's email I have, so if you would like to still read it, ya gotta send me your email. My email is Has to be the one used with blogger.


Wamblings said...

Rob, I sent you an email, actually two. :P

jennifer said...

I'm Here! I'm Here! I'm Here! (think Horton hears a who)

I have been a bit out of pocket, but I am here now! I haven't read anything yet, so I am going to spend some time reading and getting caught up.