Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lion King Easter

I play the violin in my church orchestra. For a couple months now I’ve been listening to the studio recording of the Easter musical feeling rather confused. Now mind you I attend a big Southern Baptist church. So why is the Easter musical about the Lion King? Was it some kind of reference to C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe? I mean, we are right down the street from a huge Pentecostal university and folks in our church do get a bit enthusiastic some times and stand up with their hands in the air and looks of rapture on their faces. Maybe calling Jesus the Lion King was some kind of Pentecostal thing.

Anyway, in rehearsals we barely touched this piece of music because the publisher had sent an older orchestration that didn’t match up with the choir parts. Finally last Wednesday night it was pretty much do or die time. The choir director had sent the conductor an email (which he copied for us) with instructions on how to cut up the orchestration and reassemble it to match the choir. Now our wise conductor always trusts implicitly the cut and paste directions that come to us from above so he was sitting with the CD going, choir book in one hand and a cut down score in the other, checking to see if it actually would work.

This was my chance! I sidled to where I could look over his shoulder at the choir book and guess what, the CD group were singing “Worthy is the Lion King” but the choir book said “Worthy is the mighty King” Whew. I sure felt better. Granted it is obvious the Nashville singers all need glasses but at least the First Baptist choir wasn’t going to go to hell (and maybe drag the orchestra with them) for singing Lion King music for Easter Sunday.

So fast forward to Sunday morning. I’m playing my violin and there is our choir in their green robes and all singing “Worthy is the Lion King.” I’m happy to report that God didn’t strike the church with a lightening bolt from above.


jennifer said...

Wamblings, are you SERIOUS? or am I missing the sarcasm. This is hysterical. And all of that circle of life stuff would probably make the pastor's lips draw up!

I was glad to hear from you. You are a brigth spot in my day!


jennifer said...

OH - I 'almost' forgot. The comment you made about not getting rid of almost made me smack my head. Of COURSE she will be claiming to be almost a teenager. Sheesh! I almost got it right!


NS said...

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah comes to mind.

Wamblings said...

Jen, LOL. We laughed a lot in the orchestra room once I told them that to me it sounded like "lion" instead of "mighty". I've tried and tried to hear it as "mighty" but "lion" is still the way it sounds to me.

Kids are wonderful, nu? Then we get older and like for the last 20 years I've been saying "30". Then we get a bit older and you have Momma for the last couple years saying "I'm almost 90 if I'm not already" and now that she is she says "Well, I'm in my 90s you know." *giggles*

Nans, I thought about that reference but it just sounded so much like something that could have been lifted off the Lion King movie.

Edna Lee said...

Hahahaha! You guys managed to pull it off without a lightning bolt or anything! Well done!

Lion King is certainly a unique way of looking at Easter. I like the's daring!

Wamblings said...

Ah yes, we totally rawk. I was a bit worried though. But maybe God has a special place in his heart for the Lion King. Maybe I just need to get my hearing checked. :P

jennifer said...

Checking in to say HI! I hope that you have a great weekend.


DaForeigner said...

Just seeing if your still around. Hope all is well.


Wamblings said...

Sorry guys. I had two weekends in a row that I didn't come over to Momma's. I'm so far behind on my blogging but today I'm trying to at least catch up on reading and I've posted a rambling bit. I'm headed for your blogs next.