Monday, March 10, 2008

Getting It Right

Sometimes I get it right, even when I do it all wrong.

Sunday we celebrated Sugar’s birthday. She is now officially two years older than I am. She claims the math is a bit confusing but then, she is blond. I have always maintained that from age 30 on it is a woman’s prerogative to be any age she wants. If my daughter chooses to continue getting older, who am I to stand in her way?

She came over and cooked a lovely dinner with her boy friend’s help and a little chopping and dicing from me to speed things along since I hadn’t actually eaten a meal since noon the day before and was ravenously hungry.

Kiddo had already made the required angel food cake (of course from scratch) and chocolate syrup and was thawing out strawberries. He also made home made ice cream. (I told you I got it right, my boy knows how to cook.)

I took my life in my hands (I have genetic immune deficiency and can’t eat sugar) and had some of the ice cream, cake, strawberries, and chocolate syrup. No doubt I’ll be paying for that all week but I’ll just keep reminding myself it was totally worth it.

I have to say, that was the BEST chocolate syrup I’ve ever eaten in my life! Turns out he made it with coconut milk! OMG it was GOOD! After lunch, I just had to try my hand at making some that would actually be safe to eat. After all, there were left over strawberries crying out for a chocolate bath. I dug out the last can of coconut milk from the cupboard (note to self – buy more), and a box of unsweetened chocolate and honey cause while I can’t eat sugar, I can eat moderate amounts of honey, and ginger. Yep, that was the other secret ingredient. Now, I didn’t really read the directions, after all, I’ve been cooking for the last 30 years give or take a few. I dump the coconut milk in a pan on the stove, stir in the ginger, soon as it comes to a boil I dump in the blocks of chocolate and keep cooking till it is melted. So what happens? The oil separates out of the chocolate and I have a glob that tastes nothing like what my lovely son made. About then I go back to the recipe, discover I wasn’t supposed to boil the chocolate. He mentions that he used semi-sweet chocolate, minor details… I put my gloppy mes in the mixing bowl and whip it with additional honey (since mine wasn’t near sweet enough). Result, I have this beautiful soft fudge stuff. A touch to thick for dipping strawberries in without warming but beautiful and yummy. It still doesn’t taste like his but it is good and I’m real satisfied. In spite of doing it wrong, I got it right!


jennifer said...

You know chocolate syrup comes in a bottle, don't you? For a non-cook like me, that was mind boggling to think of someone making it! But you did do good by your son. Glad he can take care of himself!!


NS said...

I don't think Emeril makes his own chocolate syrup. Of all the conveniences in the grocery, and of all the things to whip up in the kitchen, chocolate syrup? My husband understand perfectly. That's why he cooks and I eat.

DaForeigner said...

Hahaha JEN. You beat me too it, I was gonna say that. It's all good though. Still sounds awesome...and now my sweet tooth cravings are peaking and I'm at work :( It's all good, I will make up for it when I get home!


Wamblings said...

LOL! I KNOW they sell it at the stores but where is the challenge in that? Besides, it is full of sugar and I unfortunately pay a high price when I eat sugar. I did manage to get away with the small desert Sunday with a minimum of distress but Valentine's day left me with two full weeks of migraines. Not fun!

Last night I dipped into it with a spoon. What I have is a beautiful soft fudge just right for eating from a spoon. I suppose this means I should have bought my new pants the next size larger.