Friday, January 25, 2008

Learning Curves

Clearly any new endeavor carries with it a learning curve. As an example, I wrote my first post, which probably more properly should have been written in my profile and then wanted to change a word. Somehow in the process of editing it I published it a second time. Yep, sure did. *hangs head and scuffles bare toes in the dirt* Now it is bad enough for anyone to have to read it once but twice is an exercise in overkill! I've not yet found where you can actually delete a post once made so I've taken the route of editing it out of existence or at least into an entirely different life. (hence this post on learning curves)


Trée said...

Weebs, welcome to the world of blogging. Always nice to see a new face. All the best and if you have questions, just ask. The blogging community is a very friendly and helpful crowd. Take care and all the best. :-)

Wamblings said...

I actually have tons of questions about Blogger itself. I know my way around 360 and I manage passably in MySpace but on Blogger, do you develop circles of friends? How do you find people? I found your blog by virtue of a short list on my dashboard (I think they called it a dashboard). Does Blogger have its own little blogger search engine or something? How does one find like minded fellow Bloggers?

Trée said...

Wamblings, Blogger does have a search blog function based on what people put in their profiles but I'm not sure that is a very good way to find like minded bloggers. Blog Catalog, the link is on my sidebar or you can Google it, is a much better way to find bloggers who have similar interest. I've been on Blogger (for three years) and WordPress and I guess you could count FaceBook but I don't do much there or spend much time--I'd rather blog.

If you have any Blogger Blogging questions, ask. If I don't know the answer I can point you in the right direction. :-)