Friday, January 25, 2008

Writers Write!

Writers must write! It is a law of nature. If we aren't writing, then something is decidedly out of kilter, threatening the cosmos with imminent destruction, or at the very least chaos. When I don't write, I feel incomplete. Now granted, much of what I write is drivel. It's necessary to get the drivel out in order to clear the way for meaningful thoughts to surface. Now I have to admit that I have other Blogs in other places, most of them varying from private to extremely private. This one, however, I intend to keep open to the general blog reading public. Hopefully some cream will rise to the surface of the drivel to make it worth coming back for. Chances are I won't write every day. In fact, I'll be real surprised if I make it here more than once a week. (I did mention that I have other blogs. *cheesy grin*

I don't intend this blog to be a soapbox kind of place though I certainly intend to speak my mind. I follow Christianity though some of my thoughts on the subject might shock some others in the Christian community. From time to time my blogs may wander into religious topics. Feel free to disagree with me. You won't hurt my feelings, nor are you likely to change my mind. I'm not very political. I believe in live and let live. I've been told that I should write humor. I don't know. Of course I think I'm funny and a few of my friends think I'm funny but that doesn't mean that the world at large would find me funny.

I'm working on two novels (yes, at the same time). I rarely do only one thing at a time. I am, after all, a Gemini and prone to multi-tasking. I am currently reading 6 books, having just finished two others, and waiting for one to come in at Books A Million. My book bag, with what I'm reading and what is waiting to be started is nearly too heavy to lift. Yes, I can read a book, watch TV, work out on the exercise bike, and chew gum all at the same time, just don't ask me to do it in high heels.


Trée said...

Ooooh, a fellow Gemini, one who writes too, and one who has other blogs. When you say working on two novels, is this to say you are writing them? I would love to know more. Give it up. :-D

Wamblings said...

Yep, I am writing two novels at the same time. I also have a short story in the works that I was going to submit in the Writer's Digest contest and then didn't get it ready in time. I have three blogs on Yahoo and three on MySpace. They reflect some of those different hats I wear. My different persona. Obviously they don't all get the attention they should. This one probably won't either. But I needed a place that would be completely public. A place to not get too personal, to poke fun at my life. This is that place. Also, if it takes off, I may let editors in on its existence. Assuming there ever are editors in my future. Perhaps here I will also be able to return to some poetry writing. Well I can hope anyway.

Trée said...

Oh Djak, of course that's what I meant. :-D

Wamblings, I'd love to see some of your writing some time, especially the poetry. Wow, seven blogs. I have three, two public and one semi-not public, which is to say I don't link it or post it on my profile. Just keeping up with those three is a monumental task. How the heck do you maintain seven? :-D

Wamblings said...

Well, it dawns on me that I kind of forgot to mention two live journals. :P Neither one has any friends and all the posts in them are either completely private or friends only. One of those was made to archive my poetry but I've only uploaded a little of it so far. I really don't manage any of them very well. I always have good intentions though. :D Do you think maintaining so many different identities is a Gemini thing? On the bright side, I am down to only two passwords. Or is that three? gahhhhhhhhh Anyway, if you do live journal, you can see what poetry I've uploaded if you become a friend at . And assuming my new pc card works better than my old one, I'll get some more uploaded. This message will self destruct in 30 seconds. :P